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BigL is a project on the Ethereum blockchain that gives you the opportunity to:

• Acquire elements of a unique 6 000 NFTs collection, that will increase in value over time, in relation with market trends

• Just after the mint, participate to an initial draw that offers to 300 holders a 1/20 chance to win prizes amounting up to 500 times the NFT initial mint price

• For every 5 000 Eth traded after the first draw, be part of recurring draws with each time, the same total awarded amount ($1 000 000 in all-time high period), and the same number of winners (300 winners at each draw)

More information on our Twitter/X and Discord

Road Map

Step #1 | Growth

  • Development of the BigL community on Discord and Twitter/X.

  • We regularly give members and subscribers the chance to win access to our WhiteList.

Step #2 | Mint

  • Depending on market conditions, the public mint price may be around 0.1 Ethereum.
  • Owning an NFT gives you the opportunity to take part in recurring draws, for which 1/20 of the holders will be winners.
  • The total value of prizes awarded is over $1 000 000 in all-time high period.

Step #3 | Reveal

  • The reveal will take place one week after the collection is sold out. At that time, holders will be able to see the original, unique shape of their BigL NFTs. 

Step #4 | Initial Draw

  • One week after the reveal, a draw will be organized according to a specific process that will be done live and will be filmed on Discord to serve as a bailiff. 

Step #5 | Prizes

  • In the next 72 hours, we will distribute 300 prizes out of 6000 NFTs, representing from 5 times to 500 times the initial NFT price.

  • Prizes will be distributed in Ethereum currency directly on holder’s wallet.

Step #6 | Recurring Draws

  • After the first draw, every 5000 Eth traded, another draw will be held, with the same distribution and process.

  • As we’ll draw numbers at random, anyone can win a prize or even the jackpot at one of our draws.

Step #7 | Level Up

  • Of course, we always listen carefully to your comments and take them into account so that we can always continue to improve our concept.











project advisor

Deemperor & Squad

discord moderator


This information will be given on our Twitter/X and Discord. Stay tuned for not missing out! 

Ethereum because it is one of the leading crypto–currencies that has decided to limit the environmental damages caused by the energy used by blockchains and crypto–currency mining. 

Apart from the long–term valuation of the NFT linked with market trends, this project is unique because there is a draw system behind our NFT collection so you can win every time we organize a draw. The first one is just after the mint, and then other draws will be regularly held according to the traded volumes.

The public mint will be done at a fixed price. It is likely to be around 0.1 Ethereum. This price level obviously reflects market trends, but as our concept is based on recurring draws, the minting price should not be too low, otherwise the lottery prizes would not be attractive enough for holders. The final minting price will be announced on our Discord server a few days before the Mint. Stay tuned!

All you need is a MetaMask account (with some Ethereum). 

Purchases will be capped. The cap varies according to the different phases of the Mint (WhiteList or Public Mint). Details available on our Discord.

There will be 6 000 NFTs for sale. No less, no more!

You can buy NFTs at a discounted price and, you’ll have access to the mint just before the public mint, even if the number of NFTs you can buy is limited.

We regularly organize raffles on Alphabot and give some Whitelist spots to our community on Discord and Twitter/X.
Join us on our Network to stay tuned!

The first draw will take place two weeks after the initial mint and there will be recurring draws every 5 000 Eth traded.

Many, actually. As often as 5 000 Eth are traded on market.

If we assume that all holders have only one NFT, each holder will have a 1 in 20 chance of winning a prize in each draw. So the more draws you take part in, the more chances you have of winning.

We’ll film a live draw on our Discord and share the list of winning tickets on Twitter/X and Discord just after the draw, which means within an hour maximum after the draw. 

Within 72 hours maximum after the draw, the winners will find their winnings paid in Ethereum on the Metamask account linked with their winning NFT.  
The NFT holder at the time of the prize distribution, will get the reward … if it’s a winning NFT ticket, of course. 
It is therefore important that the holders of winning NFTs keep their NFTs between the draw and the prize distribution. 

For the first draw, Prizes will be Ethereum tokens ranging from 5 times to 500 times the initial price of the NFT. The smallest prize will be of 0.5 Eth and the juiciest will be 50 Eth. The total value of prizes awarded is over $1 000 000 in all-time high period.

First, each item is unique and design by top quality NFT artist. Of course, the BigL community will be growing and the value of each NFT will change in relation with market trends.
Then, being a NFT holder allows you to be drawn to win prizes which will be distributed to 1 in 20 owners of the NFT. The originality of our concept is that there will be recurring draws. Of course, you need to hold a ticket before the draw if you want to be eligible for a prize at the draw. After the initial draw, draws will be held every 5 000 Eth traded.

Nothing special, you will get your reward directly on your wallet holding the NFT.
Don’t sell your NFT in between, otherwise someone else will get your prize!

The random process is guaranteed by a well–known software that we use for the draws. You can follow this process and the results live on our Discord server.

Each NFT holder can have a specific strategy: keep or sell.

Just after the Mint, the collection will be valuable, any holder can sell his NFT.
If a holder decides to sell, he/she, of course, can sell before or after the draws.

Just an advice, if you hold a winning NFT, don’t sell it before you get the relevant prize!

The value of the NFT is not only made up of a unique design but is also linked to market trends. After the first draw, there will be recurring draws with the same chances of winning, so the value of the NFT also includes his ability to win future draws.

For any other question, contact our team on our Discord server, they will be happy to answer you.

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